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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Autumn Beach

I love layering for fall! Denim jackets are always a must for me.
Denim is so soft and comfy. 
Even though its the start of fall,
summer hasn't ended for me yet.
Just last week I got some sun and went for a swim.
I wore this vintage blue western button up shirt over my bikini.
This made a fabulous beach cover.
It didn't even get dirty or filled with sand.
This could be a men's western wear shirt but I think it looks great on a woman.
I love taking menswear and making it into something feminine.
Of course I added touch of sparkle and metallics with some of my favorite jewelry pieces.
Summer may be over on the calendar but not in my heart.

Denim Western top: Shabbybabe

Bikini: Beach Bunny Swimwear

Spike bracelet: Forever 21

Necklaces and bracelets: (Personal Collection)

(Hair and makeup by me)

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fairy Tale Sunset

What is it about wearing a peasant dress that makes us feel like we 're living in a fairy tale?
I've been making and wearing these peasant dresses all season long!
Its funny when you make one dress in a few different fabrics each one looks so different! 
Light blue is one of my favorite colors.
I had to have a light blue sundress for the summer.
Off the shoulder has been my favorite neckline,
 because it keeps you cool and looks so fairytale!
This is a simple cotton light weight sundress.
I didn't want to make this out of silk or a fancy printed cotton.
I think it came out beautiful!
In my opinion when it comes to fashion less is always more.
It has beautiful floral shaped metal buttons going down the front.
I love button down dresses because you can change up your look by unbuttoning or buttoning up. 
I feel like a modern day Cinderella in this cute outfit!
It's Feminine and sweet...
You can find this dress and more like it at


Blue Dress: Shabbybabe

Necklace: Child of Wild

Earrings: Forever 21

(Hair and makeup by me)

Friday, December 11, 2015

Uptown Funk

Happy Holidays everyone!!! 
The winter holidays can be joyous and very stressful at the same time…
Whatever the situation is I always try to stay positive!!!
 I know there are times when its truly hard to cheer up,
 especially during the gloomy months of winter..
A bright wardrobe can always makes the difference! 
This season I'm wearing red! 
Theres nothing quite like a red winter coat!!!
 Red is an incredibly sharp looking color to wear! 
This ensemble features red and black!! 
I love how red and black look together.
Its bold and very classic. 
When I leave my house in the winter,
 I gotta have that bold beautiful double breasted coat!
This is a vintage 60s mod coat from Shabbybabe
I love to wear anything mod.
Its one of my favorite time periods in Fashion History.
The mod era had so much creativity and colorful clothes in the fashion scene.
I'd love to jump in a time machine and go back to 1965 when it was all happening.
All I can do is collect these beautiful vintage masterpieces and share them with you.
This look book is so bold and beautiful I hope it brightens your day!

Coat: Shabbybabe

Boots: Diba

Choker: Child of Wild


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Grunge Girl

High Leather boots, Full Rayon Dresses, and a summer evening in the Park is how Ive been spending my Friday nights. 
Theres an air of romance to 80s and 90s Nostalgia. 
When alternative rock music ruled the scene, and history saw the last of truly great rock music. 
Gone are the days of Grunge, but not from my wardrobe… 
I have a closet packed with so many Vintage 90s Grunge dresses! Its insane! 
There are so many different styles, colors and prints of 90s Grunge!!!
 This maxi dress from Shabbybabe is my latest find! 
Its Hunter green with a cream windowpane print. 
Its a coverall style that buttons down the front and has a loose fit. Its so cute!
 With these grunge dresses I always throw on a pair of knee high leather boots. 
The boots I'm wearing here are by Jeffrey Campbell for Free People.
 I wear these Jeffrey Campbell leather boots with everything!!! 
Another great styling tip for the coverall grunge dresses is to wear a soft camisole underneath. 
It gives the dresses a modern feel and I always unbutton the front buttons up to the thigh. 
That's how I take 90s Grunge dresses into the year 2015.

Plaid Grunge Dress: Shabbybabe

Leather Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Choker: Child of Wild

Camisole: Charlotte Russe

Bracelets and Rings: Personal Collection

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Golden Hour

Its been all about color for me in my wardrobe this summer! I think one of the problems most of us have is, we get into a pattern of wearing black and white over, and over, and over again.  We do it so often we forget about the rich palette of colors available to us out there. I like to wear a bright colors like orange and style it with neutral accessories to balance it out. Brown goes great with sunset colors like orange and yellow. I took this cute little tube dress from Shabbybabe and put a wide vintage leather belt around the waist. I also accessorized the dress with a vintage 70s weaved bag.  I loved the end result! I could still wear orange and not look too loud with color. Red and black work beautifully together, so does pink and white, the list goes on and on..
 Wide leather belts from the late 60s and early 70s add a real edge to a simple outfit as well. I wear this brown leather belt with everything! Its one of those accessories that matches any outfit! Nobody even knows its vintage. People stop me on the street and compliment me on how they wish they could find a belt just like it. The best part about vintage is that there is nothing like it! Each piece is unique and special. I think that's what fashion should be all about. A wardrobe unique to you of one of a kind pieces nobody else has. That's what self expression through dressing is all about.

Orange Dress: Shabbybabe

Leather Belt: Personal Collection

Bag: Personal Collection

Jewelry: Personal Collection

Monday, June 22, 2015

Bohemian Country

On my weekends I enjoy kicking back and going a little more casual with my look. 
I visited "Steuben farms" in North Jersey this weekend.
 Its a gorgeous property with a big old Barn and field.. 
It was a blast! I dressed in a casual pair of denim cutoffs which I styled myself! 
I had an old pair of jeans falling apart so I turned them into cutoffs.
It saved me a lot of money rather than buying a new pair of shorts. 
I put a leather studded belt from Shabbybabe with the shorts, and sported a white gathered crop top and gold metal necklace from Shabbybabe
I love this top! The gathering on the bottom makes it so feminine and flattering to wear in the warmer weather months.. 
To give this look that Country girl vibe I topped it off with my favorite pair of boots in the world, my Jeffrey Campbell Boots from Free People.
 I had a great time hanging on the old Farm this past weekend.