Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Summer Jam

Memorial day is only a few days away! 
After suffering through a long exhausting winter, 
I'm so thrilled the unofficial start of summer is around the corner. 
To start summer out right,
 I always need a few new sundresses to wear. 
Its hard for me to find a really cute sundress.
 Some of them are too short, or the fabric isn't right.
 My most favorite dress is this red paisley cotton mini from Shabbybabe!
Its made of 100% cotton that is very light weight. 
I love the richness of the color in this dress.
Its a deep berry red. 
It's  low cut and has a plunging back neckline which I love!
The dress slips over the head and is gathered at the bust.
 Its a flattering dress for any figure type.
I'm involve with this dress because its a day to night style!
Its great to wear to a casual picnic,and perfect to wear on a date night as well.
I spent a day last week strolling around a gorgeous Victorian estate in this little dress,and
I got so many compliments! 
Theres nothing I love more than a cute,comfy,sundress.

Paisley sundress: Shabbybabe

Necklace and rings: Vintage

(Hair and makeup by me)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Japanese Silk

Being the beach addict I am, I'm constantly shopping for jewelry, bikinis, and cover ups!
I've recently gotten into wearing Kimonos for beach cover ups. 
I think theres something so unique about wearing a kimono over your bikini! 
Its much more fun than throwing on a t-shirt. 
I shop for vintage Japanese Kimonos. 
Most of the Japanese kimonos run large which is perfect!
They come in bright colors with gorgeous Asian prints. 
Unfortunately the vintage Japanese kimonos can get expensive,
 so I only have collected a few so far. 
When I was at Huntington beach,
 I wore my bright Fuchsia embroidered Asian robe as a cover up. 
It was gorgeous! 
This robe totally matched the Cali sunset in these photos!
It has golden floral embroidery, and a gold silk lining.
It looked great on over my bikini.
 I didn't think this kimono was going to work but it worked out great!
Boho beach style never looked so good!

Pink Silk Kimono: Shabbybabe

Bikini: Victorias Secret

Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Plaid Flannel Fun

I love to get dressed up in gorgeous dresses,
and love to wear bright abstract prints!
Although I do have those days when I like to kick back and be casual too. 
Lately I love the look of a plaid flannel shirt!
 You can wear it with shorts, jeans, leggings, and even sweat pants. 
 Theres something so classic looking about a plaid flannel shirt too.
 All of the flannels I own are men's flannels.
They are just better made in my opinion.
The men's flannel shirts have better tailoring,better plaid prints,and look better!
Even during the summer time when it gets cold at night, 
my flannels always come in handy!
 I like to wear them as beach cover ups over my bikini in the summer months as well. 
The plaid flannel is a wardrobe must have for me.
I wear them all year round,which I can't say for any of my other wardrobe pieces. 
While shooting at this beach during sunset it got so cold. 
This blue and white flannel made shooting so much more cozy. 
I made the look a little bit more playful with my New York Yankees baseball cap and my Jeffrey Campbell leather boots. 

Plaid Flannel: Shabbybabe

Faux Leather Shorts: H&M

Choker: Vidakush

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Keep your Hat On!

Happy May everyone!! Summers around the corner. 
As we know, Its all about staying cool in the late spring and summer. 
It wasn't until recently that I started wearing hats to keep the sun rays off of me.. 
While I was in California in September, it was so hot on the beaches! 
Sunscreen and shades just weren't enough to keep me cool.
 Luckily,I found the cutest little hat store in Haight/Ashbury in San Francisco! 
I went in to Goorin Bros. not knowing what I was going to find. 
I tried on a few hats and fell in love with this Floppy hat!
 Its pure wool and fits so perfectly!
I'm not a big spender,but I feel that when choosing a hat for your wardrobe,
 you should invest in something a little bit more expensive. 
A good quality hat will fit better, and last years!! 
I traveled all around Cali with this hat on and took it on the plane too.
 Even after storing it for almost a year in my closet it still fits and looks beautiful! 
I'd like to get at least one or 2 more hats..
Their so much fun to wear, and really make a statement!
This summer I'd love to show you even more unique looks using more bold hats!

Jeans: Vintage

Jumpsuit: Shabbybabe

Jewelry: Charlotte Russe

(Hair and makeup by me)