Monday, March 28, 2016

Morning Yoga

Exercising is one of my favorite ways to pass the time!
I always face the problem of finding stylish workout clothes to change into 3 times a week. 
I was lucky to recently discover these fabulous yoga leggings from 
They have so many different varieties of yoga leggings,
tops,and accessories for your daily workout routine! 
This particular pair of leggings I'm wearing are the Vimmia Lattice Shakti Pant. I love them!! 
Their so comfortable,and stretch so well with your body movements during a workout. 
These pants go great with a cute little crop top or sports bra.
I love that their figure flattering too!
On casual days I wear these pants with sneakers and a sweat shirt.  
Their great pants to throw on if your in a rush to get out of the house,
 but don't feel like changing into jeans. 
Their long lasting too! 
You'll never have to worry about breaking a seam in these leggings.
The product quality is strong and durable.

Yoga Pants: Yoga Outlet

Crop top: Shabbybabe

(hair and makeup by me)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Festival Fringe

There are so many different ways to wear fringe!! 
It brings a true rock and roll edge to any look.
 Its not very often that I find vintage leather fringed vests like this one.
 When I found it I knew I had to do a look book about it. 
This look book was shot on a surprisingly warm winter day. 
If it were spring though,I'd probably but tis vest with a 60s mini dress. 
These vests look awesome as layering pieces to wear wth dresses. 
Accessorizing this look was crucial. 
Most of the belts I wear now a days are vintage.
 The vintage belt in these photos have the same vintage look as the leather the vest is made out of. 
I've been buying a lot of my jewelry from Vidakush lately! 
They have such an eclectic array of necklaces that I adore!
If your looking for jewelry to wear that nobody else has check them out.
I finished this look with my blue jeans and a simple black crop top.
A simple,fun,and playful fringe look!

 Fringed Vest: Shabbybabe

Belt: Shabbybabe

Necklaces: Vidakush

Boots: DSW

Bracelets: (My personal Collection)

(Hair and makeup by me)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Angel Dust

Springs just about around the corner! 
With the warmer weather comes the lighter colors to wear. 
I love to wear white in spring and summer!
 Its so classic and goes well with denim jeans and shorts. 
White dresses are gorgeous to wear as well in this coming season! 
This white angel sleeve dress was a fabulous vintage find! 
I got so lucky finding this dress. 
The dress is a deep V plunging sheer cotton boho maxi dress.
 Its so comfortable! 
It'd be gorgeous to wear for a beach wedding...
The sleeves are designed to look like angel wings! 
Wearing this dress by this beautiful back drop I can't say I didn't feel angelic. 
Its a dress that simply makes you feel beautiful when its on.

Dress: Shabbybabe

Sandals: Chacos

Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Rings and Bracelets: Personal Collection

(Hair and makeup by me)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Rebel without a Cause

Happy March everyone! 
I've been enjoying the last of my light weight jackets during the warmer weather. 
Last week I went for a beautiful hike in one of my favorite parks. 
During hiking I got a little cold so I brought my leather patchwork jacket to wear. 
I had no idea this jacket was going to look so good! 
Its a very bold look. 
This jacket has 4 different colors of square patchwork,and studded grommet detail. 
Its great to wear on an overcast spring day. 
It truly added a lot of flare to my plain blue jeans and tee I was wearing underneath. 
I love that it kind of looks like a biker jacket but its not.
 This jacket is fully lined and zips up the front. 
 I layered my necklaces and added my faux fur studded boots to finish this look off.

Leather Patchwork jacket: Shabbybabe

Boots: DSW

Necklaces: Vidakush

(Hair and makeup by me)