Monday, February 29, 2016

Fringed Fox

I love leather and fringe!!
 Its not very often I find spectacular leather and fringe pieces to wear.. 
This fringe jacket was a rare vintage find of mine. 
Its in amazing condition for its age and the color is gorgeous!! 
I love the conchos on the back of it, and how long the fringed trim is.
 Fringe and leather always look good with blue denim jeans... 
I had a lot of fun during this photo shoot because the jacket kept me warm in the freezing weather,
and its fun to shoot casual looks with jeans when I can. 
This is a men's fringe jacket but it looks just as good on woman!
Theres no reason why women can't wear men's clothes sometimes. 
This is one of those exceptions. 
These fringe and leather pieces from the past are works of art!!
I can't imagine how long it must have taken to make this jacket.
Its such a show stopper, one of my favorite pieces to photo.

Fringe Jacket: Shabbybabe

Necklaces: Vidakush

Belt: Shabbybabe

Furry Boots: Vintage 

(Hair and Makeup by me)

Monday, February 22, 2016

Bohemian Glitter

A bohemian is often described as a traveler,musician,artist, or writer
 that lives and believes in a free spirited lifestyle..
Although I don't work a regular 9-5 job, and I don't have to answer to a boss,
 I still have my share of responsibilities every day.
However, the best part of my job is I get to dress anything I want when I do my job. 
This denim outfit is one of my favorite looks I put together.
This denim poncho was a rare vintage find. I love it!
The grommet detail on the poncho is spectacular, and my floppy hat goes so well with it.
This is a great look for spring,and for fall. The denim keeps it dressed down and casual. 
I love working in these amazing clothes!
 Fashion should be a way we can all express ourselves,
and I always make sure to express who I am through these fun looks.

Denim poncho: Shabbybabe

Choker: Child of Wild

Boots: Diba

Belt: Vintage

(Hair and makeup by me)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hopeless Romantic

Valentines Day is just 1 day away!
I think in the middle of February,
 we all need just a hint of romance to get out of the winter blues. 
This silk chiffon sunset floral dress is a statement of romance!
I love the butterfly sleeves and plunging neckline.
The dress is fitted around the waist and hips, and flares into layers of sheer silk floral heaven.
I had a lot of fun in this dress dancing around the beach on a windy day.
These photos truly captured the drape and design of it.
I hope everyone has a happy Valentines day this year.
Even if you don't have a valentine, treat yourself to some romance this weekend with
 flowers, chocolates, and a romantic floral dress.

Dress: Shabbybabe

Necklace: Vidakush

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sea Siren

Who's leaving for a weekend get away this winter??!
 I wish I was! February is such a huge month for tropical Island getaways,
 I thought I'd do a post about it. 
I love to wear big full maxi wrap skirts to the beach.
 Their easy to take on and take off, 
plus packing them in your beach bags is a cinch! 
When I go to the beach I don't always go for a swim,which is kind of odd...
I like to get a tan,and walk along the shore, and that's where the beach separates come into play. 
This cotton batiste skirt was truly a fab vintage find of mine!
 The navy and batik print is out of this world!
 Its so perfect for a day at the beach.
 I received so many compliments on this beauty of a skirt. 
With a fabulous skirt like this its always important to find a stylish bikini top to put with it. 
So I put on this cute gold metallic and silver Victoria's Secret.
All season long I've been wearing my heart shaped sunglasses from Wild fox and I love them! Although they were expensive a good pair of shades is always worth the money. I know I'll get a lot of wear out of these sunglasses. Hopefully your enjoying the sunny weather for your tropical Island winter get away this month.

Batik Maxi skirt: Shabbybabe

Purple embroidered skirt: Shabbybabe

Sequin Bikini top: Victorias Secret

Heart Sunglasses: Wild Fox

Leather Choker: Vidakush

(Hair and makeup by me)