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Friday, June 2, 2017

My Favorite Dress!

Happy June!! 
We're finally ready for those long hot summer days and nights.
Theres nothing I love more than a loose white sundress I can button up or down for summer.
This is a vintage sundress that is my favorite to wear in the summer!
The print is sweet and pretty, and I don't even mind that this dress is midi length.
I usually go for Maxi or mini, but I find that boots look great with this dress.
They add a fun element to a midi length style.
For this fun look I added my favorite feather choker from Child of Wild.
Instead of buying 20 pieces of jewelry at once for cheap,
I save up my money for quality jewelry pieces.
If your looking for something you can't find anywhere else
I suggest you check out Child of Wild for cutting edge jewelry.
I'm looking forward to wearing dresses every single day this summer!
Each year that goes by I love getting dressed up more and more.

Dress: Shabbybabe

Necklace: Child of Wild

(Hair and makeup by me)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Grunge Goddess

September to November are the transitional months for fashion! 
I've been going all out grunge the past couple of weeks. 
I discovered this fun rock and roll denim maxi skirt.
 Its so hard to find one of these now! 
I remember seeing them all over the place back in the 90s. 
Denim skirts are so much fun to wear! 
I love that you can put a vintage tee with them and still look great! 
I decided to put my cropped union jack tee with this skirt. 
This Union jack tee is from my own personal vintage collection. 
Its one of my favorites! 
I decided to go darker on my makeup for this look.
I'm wearing "Violetta" by Mac for my lipstick. 
I love how the look came out.
I'll definitely be experimenting more with my beauty products as well as with style!!

Union Jack tank: Vintage

Denim Maxi skirt: Shabbybabe

Concho choker: Vidakush

Cross Necklace: Vintage 

Leather Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

(Hair and makeup by me)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Breath of Summer

90s Grunge is one of my favorite time periods in fashion! 
Those free flowing rayon dresses were all over the place during every summer of the 1990s. 
I must have 50 of them hanging in my closet!! 
This tired ruffle knee length floral dress is my favorite!!
 I love the garden floral print and the big wide skirt. 
This is a very loose sundress. I enjoy the bigger less fitted sundresses. 
They feel so good on those 90 degree days when jeans or even shorts are too confining.
 I decided to throw on this dress for a quick walk in the park last week. 
I got so many compliments! Instead of wearing a plain pair of sandals with this look, 
I used my gladiator sandals instead. 
I love these sandals!! 
Gladiator sandals have such a unique look about them.
All and all this is one of my favorite looks to wear in the summertime!

Floral Grunge Dress: Shabbybabe

Choker: Child of wild

Cross Necklace: Vidakush

Gladiator Sandals: Amazon

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Plaid Flannel Fun

I love to get dressed up in gorgeous dresses,
and love to wear bright abstract prints!
Although I do have those days when I like to kick back and be casual too. 
Lately I love the look of a plaid flannel shirt!
 You can wear it with shorts, jeans, leggings, and even sweat pants. 
 Theres something so classic looking about a plaid flannel shirt too.
 All of the flannels I own are men's flannels.
They are just better made in my opinion.
The men's flannel shirts have better tailoring,better plaid prints,and look better!
Even during the summer time when it gets cold at night, 
my flannels always come in handy!
 I like to wear them as beach cover ups over my bikini in the summer months as well. 
The plaid flannel is a wardrobe must have for me.
I wear them all year round,which I can't say for any of my other wardrobe pieces. 
While shooting at this beach during sunset it got so cold. 
This blue and white flannel made shooting so much more cozy. 
I made the look a little bit more playful with my New York Yankees baseball cap and my Jeffrey Campbell leather boots. 

Plaid Flannel: Shabbybabe

Faux Leather Shorts: H&M

Choker: Vidakush

Friday, January 8, 2016

Patchwork Heart

I've always loved the look of Blue Denim patchwork!
 Patchwork is a look and an art form that goes hundreds of years back.
 Its such a classic look we still wear it today. 
While at the beach during sunset, it tends to get a little chilly at times.
 I have this 70s blue leather patchwork sweater that I put on over my shorts and bikini.
 It was just the right outfit to bring that day.
I love this sweater because it can be boho,grunge,hippie you name it. 
The sweater can be a sweater dress or a tunic top.
Its a fantastic layering piece.
 For this shoot, I wore the sweater with knee high leather boots for more of a grunge effect. 
It would look great with gladiator sandals as well. 
Blue is one of my favorite colors to wear,
 so I love that its all different shades and textures of blue.
I finished the look with a choker of course!
I love chokers because they look great on my small frame.
Not to mention you can wear them with anything,
their very versatile like that. 
This look has inspired to start collecting even more patchwork for my wardrobe!
I can't get enough of this look.

Sweater Dress : Shabbybabe

Choker: Vidakush

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell