Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lace Grunge Gypsy

I live for fashion! I love taking 2 different genres of fashion and combining them!! 
In this case 90s Grunge with 70s Bohemian… 
I think the 2 looks mesh very well together… 
Grunge is loose dresses,leather,denim jeans, and tees..
Bohemian isn't that much different. Loose hair, loose dresses, lots of jewelry, and rock n roll..
This lace dress from shabbybabe is in my top ten favorites from the clothing collection! 
Its a baby doll lace mini dress made out of cotton.  
You can wear it with Gladiator sandals,pumps, and even a plain basic pair of sandals. 
I wanted to take this look to the next level, 
and throw on my Jeffrey Campbell knee high leather boots. I love the combination! 
Its definitely boho but so grungy as well. 
The 70s and the 90s are my 2 favorite decades in fashion. 
Whenever I put looks together I always draw influences from those 2 time periods.
 I love looks that inspire me…This look has really inspired me!!!
 I'm about to switch up my closet all over again and make it even more grunge inspired.
 I'm changing my wardrobe all the time…
 Fashion changes so quickly, but I love to have my own original style…
The past will always have a major effect on my closet… 
Nostalgia is here to stay..

Lace Dress: Shabbybabe

Leather boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Choker: Child of wild

Bracelets and rings: Personal Collection 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Arabian Nights

 Theres Something about those far out bohemian prints in sheer fabrics that makes us feel like an Arabian princess!! 
This dress has been my favorite summer dress! 
I found it very accidentally. 
I was going through a few boxes of vintage clothing 
and I found this absolute showstopper of a dress!! I couldn't believe somebody got rid of it. 
A lot of these vintage clothes are very fine pieces!!! 
Most of the clothing has never even been worn. 
I see so many pounds of bails of gorgeous clothes that people just get rid of, 
and the question is why???? Like this black and white boho maxi dress!! 
It has a corset style back that laces up and is made of a rayon gauze…
 Gauze is the best fabric to wear on a windy beach day!! 
The gauze blows in the wind so beautifully and looks so romantic and feminine on the body.
 When seeing this dress on the hanger I thought, theres no way its gonna look good on me. 
After I put it on, my mind was blown as to how good it looked!!! 
The print is unbelievable. The dress has a tribal India vibe. 
Its so striking!!! 
The best part is, nobody I know has another dress like this one….
 I adore vintage because of the fact that theres only one of each piece….
 Theres nothing I hate more than to go shopping and see 2 or 3 people have on the same dress as me….
Not to mention textile mills, 
and the whole fashion industry has taken a radical change in the past 20 years…. 
There are prints and sewing techniques we'll never see again…
Quality in clothing has been traded in for Quantity in clothing….
That's why I work hard to save each piece of vintage clothing,
 this dress now has a new home in my closet… 

Dress: Shabbybabe

Jewelry: Personal Collection

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Prairie Girl

 Last week I was out having a sunset picnic by this gorgeous lake,
 and I wanted to look fabulous without being too dressed up or dressed down. 
When it comes to the Prairie Girl look I like to go for separates…
 I'm not always in the mood to wear full dresses. 
Separates takes a dressy look and tones it down a bit…
I just bought this adorable gathered off the shoulder crop top from Free people.
 This top matches everything and is very casual for everyday wear.
 I grabbed my favorite Army green skirt and put a chunky suede leather belt from shabbybabe with it.
 I also discovered this incredible tooled leather bag from shabbybabe!
 Tooled leather is gorgeous! 
I love all the intricate designs that's in tooled leather. 
I got this big beautiful black hat from Bloomingdale's
Its the ideal picnic prairie girl hat! 
Since I never get to wear boots with skirts,
 I threw on my Jeffrey Campbell black lace up letter boots to finish the look. 
The results were fantastic! I got all sorts of compliments on this look!
 Separates are tricky to put together but they give your wardrobe more options and looks to play with.

Crop Top: Free People

Skirt: Vintage

Belt: Shabbybabe

Leather bag: Shabbybabe

Leather Boots: Free People

Jewelry: Personal Collection

Monday, July 20, 2015

Flying Angel

I love to wear silk!! Its my favorite textile in the world!!! 
Theres something about a silk goddess caftan that makes you feel like
 a queen when you put it on… 
Believe it or not this orange silk Caftan from shabbybabe is vintage!! 
Its one of the most luxurious and finest pieces of clothing I've seen!! 
The caftan is unbelievably lightweight. 
Its perfect to throw in your suitcase or in a beach bag and go!
 The silk doesn't wrinkle and with one gust of wind you look like a flying angel!!
 My passion is bohemian clothing!!! 
 In 10 years from now I hope to have 3 closets filled with bohemian clothing.
 I honestly wish I had 4 more of these silk caftan robes in different colors!
 To make a sheer silk outfit complete, its always a good idea to cover yourself in silver gypsy jewelry!! 
 I got together all my favorite bohemian jewelry pieces for this look,
and the bohemian accessories makes the silk look even sexier!!
I never cared for looking super glam to go to the beach,
 but when I see caftans like this how could I not add some glitz when going to the beach!!

Silk Caftan: Shabbybabe

Bikini: Victorias Secret

Jewelry: Personal Collection

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Grunge Girl

High Leather boots, Full Rayon Dresses, and a summer evening in the Park is how Ive been spending my Friday nights. 
Theres an air of romance to 80s and 90s Nostalgia. 
When alternative rock music ruled the scene, and history saw the last of truly great rock music. 
Gone are the days of Grunge, but not from my wardrobe… 
I have a closet packed with so many Vintage 90s Grunge dresses! Its insane! 
There are so many different styles, colors and prints of 90s Grunge!!!
 This maxi dress from Shabbybabe is my latest find! 
Its Hunter green with a cream windowpane print. 
Its a coverall style that buttons down the front and has a loose fit. Its so cute!
 With these grunge dresses I always throw on a pair of knee high leather boots. 
The boots I'm wearing here are by Jeffrey Campbell for Free People.
 I wear these Jeffrey Campbell leather boots with everything!!! 
Another great styling tip for the coverall grunge dresses is to wear a soft camisole underneath. 
It gives the dresses a modern feel and I always unbutton the front buttons up to the thigh. 
That's how I take 90s Grunge dresses into the year 2015.

Plaid Grunge Dress: Shabbybabe

Leather Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Choker: Child of Wild

Camisole: Charlotte Russe

Bracelets and Rings: Personal Collection