Monday, November 14, 2016

Retro Flare

I'm extremely picky when it comes to a fall and winter coat. 
I'm in a coat from the middle of November to the beginning of April. 
Its an item I wear everyday for almost six months of the year.. 
If I'm going to be stuck in a coat for that long I might as well have fun with it.
I'm crazy for the boldly printed retro coats from the 60s and 70s. 
Fashion was so colorful and bold back then!!
 A lot of the coats were trimmed in faux fur and flared out to A line silhouettes. 
I've always had this vintage brown plaid coat but never wore it till recently.
Its a dress coat from the 60s/70s.
 I wore it with over the knee boots from Chinese Laundry.
This coat makes an amazing statement!! 
I think I may wear it for the holidays when I'm in NYC.
I feel like a queen when I put it on. Its beautifully tailored,lined,and very warm!
Winter fashion like these coats inspires me to simply enjoy the cold weather season.
There's no reason we still can't look fabulous during the colder and shorter days of winter.
Plaid Coat: Shabbybabe

(Hair and makeup by me)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Casual Sundays

As much as I enjoy dressing up, I love having a look that is as comfortable as a pair of pajamas.
Sunday is my dress casual day. 
All week long I'm wearing high heeled boots,stockings, and fitted dresses.
One thing about 90s fashion is its loose and comfortable!!
For that reason I always keep a few loose dresses for when I'm in the mood to relax.
I enjoy an oversized dress with a cute floral print of my favorite flower.
This is a cute mini dress with an adorable daisy print!
I had a lot of fun kicking back and doing this photo shoot in my neighborhood.
Theres nothing like a casual Sunday.

Dress: Shabbybabe

Choker: Child of Wild

( Hair and makeup by me)