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Friday, June 3, 2016

White Wedding

In case you were wondering, this isn't a blog post about my wedding haha. 
I'm not married or engaged yet, but this dress and photo shoot put me in the bridal mood!
I adore this dress from Shabbybabe because it can be so many things! 
Depending on how you style it and where your going,
 this dress can be used for bridal or just a nice maxi to wear to the beach. 
Its made of cotton eyelet...I love the sweetheart neckline,and halter straps. 
It has princess seams that fit and flare for added fabric around the hemline. 
I enjoyed this shoot! I headed up to upstate New York to a gorgeous park.
I was surrounded by acres and acres of green grass and mountains.
This would be the ideal location for wedding photos
 if you happen to live in or around Upstate New York. 
I styled this dress with a faux blue Turquoise necklace.
The necklace really popped against the long white maxi dress!
Hopefully this will inspire you with some beautiful photo ideas if your a bride to be!

Dress: Heather Eliza for Shabbybabe

Necklace: Forever 21

Necklaces and Bracelets: (Vintage)

(Hair and makeup be me)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Vitamin Sea

How I loved Monterey, California! 
Its probably one of the most scenic and beautiful spots to visit in all of California. 
I was very lucky to have experienced it for a few days.
 The Monterey beaches were so gorgeous it was like being on a movie set!
I was only there for 4 days but I think I'd like to go back for a week or 2.
While I was in Monterey,
I stopped along the 17 mile drive to shoot a few gorgeous printed vintage dresses.
This peasant dress from Shabbybabe has pretty puff sleeves and high slits on each side. 
I'd say its more of a beach dress than a regular day dress.
 It would make a gorgeous beach cover up to throw on over a bikini!
 I love the print! Its a jungle theme print. 
It has palm trees,elephants, and tigers!!
 When I go to the beach I can never be without a few accessories so, 
I bought this pair of Chacos Sandals over the summer.
 I love them! 
Their fashioned of 100% real leather,
 and I've never worn a sandal so comfortable in my life! 
They were ideal for walking around on the rocky terrain.
 I always put on a vintage leather belt with a boho dress like this! 
Concho belts are truly my favorite accessory. 
I just bought this Choker during the summer. 
Its a tribal themed piece from one of my favorite online jewelry stores,"Child of Wild".
I said to myself this summer I needed "Vitamin Sea" 
and I definitely got a huge dose of it while in California!

Dress: Shabbybabe

Choker: Child of Wild

Belt: Shabbybabe

Sandals: Chaco

Denim Cut offs: H&M

Bracelets and Rings: Charlotte Russe

(Hair and Makeup by me)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Embroidered Oaxacan Vibes

Embroidered loose cotton dresses are the best way to spend these last few weeks of summer.. 
I think Embroidered Mexican Oaxacan Dresses
 are some of the most comfortable dresses to wear!
They simply slip over the head and are usually made of cotton.
Oaxacan dresses are very timeless pieces to wear 
Whats so great about these dresses is that each one is a work of art! 
They've all been hand embroidered in Mexico, and the colors are so rich!! 
They really have no specific period in history as to when they were popular. 
I think these dresses would be ideal to wear to a Festival, or Party.
Their awesome for the clothing collector as well.
 I love to add a few pieces of
 turquoise and silver to give it that Southwestern Boho feel.
I can't imagine how many hours of work that goes into creating each dress.
 As a matter of fact, Embroidered Oaxacan dresses have inspired me to learn how to embroider!
I'd love to keep seeing more of these handcrafted bohemian dresses in the industry!
Its great to know that some of that hand craftsmanship still exists in fashion today.

Dress: Shabbybabe

Leather Bag: Shabbybabe

Bracelets and Rings: Personal Collection

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Boho Butterfly

Its so important to be able to breathe and feel comfortable in our summer clothes!
 I went on a beautiful stroll last weekend
 through a meadow and forest on top of a mountain and boy was it hot!
 I was so lucky to be wearing a rayon dress that day.
 I feel like the best fibers to wear in the summer months are cotton & rayon. 
The natural fibers are breathable, 
and when wearing a dress like this one,
 your left feeling comfy and loose throughout the day like a boho butterfly.
 I don't know about you but I can't live without my 5 or 6 rayon maxi dresses for the summer. 
Their great for pretty much every occasion like
Barbeque's,a trip to the beach,a walk in the park, and even a sunset picnic in the meadow. 
This boho maxi dress from shabbybabe is so comfortable.
 It has pleated skirting, and buttons down the front…
 I love to unbutton the first few buttons in the front near the hem for added comfort. 
This dress was great to hike in, to picnic in, and to run errands in.
 I always try to dress up as much as I can when the weathers warm. 
Where I come from the winters are brutal.
 I'm stuck in sweaters and jeans for 6 months at a time.
 I'm making the most of whats left of the summer, and dressing like a boho butterfly everyday.
I'm definitely not looking forward to the cold weather in November through March.

Dress: Shabbybabe

Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Bracelets and Rings: Personal Collection

(Hair and makeup by me)