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Monday, August 8, 2016

Sheer Euphoria

As I've mentioned in past blog posts,you can never have enough beach cover ups!
 Kimonos are still my number one favorite look to wear over my bikini.
Theres something about a loose sheer kimono that's sexy and mysterious. 
You become an instant bombshell when putting it on. 
I know I always feel glamorous and beautiful in a kimono at the beach.
This white floral embroidered robe is one of my own creations!
I wanted to make something vintage inspired but with a modern touch.
I love floral border prints, and light weight cottons for a summer beach wardrobe.
This is a fancier kimono. 
Its maxi length with tons of fabric in it. 
I was spinning around in this gorgeous cover up during sunset.
Its one of my favorite looks from the Heather Eliza Collection.
Chic and very timeless.

Robe: Shabbybabe

Sandals: Chacos

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Vitamin Sea

How I loved Monterey, California! 
Its probably one of the most scenic and beautiful spots to visit in all of California. 
I was very lucky to have experienced it for a few days.
 The Monterey beaches were so gorgeous it was like being on a movie set!
I was only there for 4 days but I think I'd like to go back for a week or 2.
While I was in Monterey,
I stopped along the 17 mile drive to shoot a few gorgeous printed vintage dresses.
This peasant dress from Shabbybabe has pretty puff sleeves and high slits on each side. 
I'd say its more of a beach dress than a regular day dress.
 It would make a gorgeous beach cover up to throw on over a bikini!
 I love the print! Its a jungle theme print. 
It has palm trees,elephants, and tigers!!
 When I go to the beach I can never be without a few accessories so, 
I bought this pair of Chacos Sandals over the summer.
 I love them! 
Their fashioned of 100% real leather,
 and I've never worn a sandal so comfortable in my life! 
They were ideal for walking around on the rocky terrain.
 I always put on a vintage leather belt with a boho dress like this! 
Concho belts are truly my favorite accessory. 
I just bought this Choker during the summer. 
Its a tribal themed piece from one of my favorite online jewelry stores,"Child of Wild".
I said to myself this summer I needed "Vitamin Sea" 
and I definitely got a huge dose of it while in California!

Dress: Shabbybabe

Choker: Child of Wild

Belt: Shabbybabe

Sandals: Chaco

Denim Cut offs: H&M

Bracelets and Rings: Charlotte Russe

(Hair and Makeup by me)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Beach Bohemia

 I've been obsessed with gorgeous white dresses to wear on my beach days! 
White is a beautiful beach color that reminds us of
 the breaking tide, seashells, and the romance of a sunset walk along the ocean. 
Its such a feminine color to wear on an overcast beach day. 
I love this white cotton gauze boho chic mini dress from shabbybabe!! 
Its one of the comfiest dresses I've ever worn!. 
It simply slips over the head and ties in back. 
The back tie is optional. This dress looks great just hanging loosely on the body. 
The bodice of the dress is a cotton eyelet lace. 
For white dresses its always a good idea to add accessories with a splash of color!
 That's why I added my coral beaded necklace. It worked out perfectly! 
Coral and orange looks so bold and gorgeous with white…. 
With this dress I also added a brown straw beach bag from shabbybabe.
The combination of the bold bright accessories worked out so well with this dress.
Cotton,rayon,and linen are the best fabrics when hang in on the sand.
The sand washes right out at the end of the day. Sadly summer is winding down.
 Lets try to make the most of whats left this August.

Dress: Shabbybabe

Jewelry: Personal Collection

(Hair and Makeup by me)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Arabian Nights

 Theres Something about those far out bohemian prints in sheer fabrics that makes us feel like an Arabian princess!! 
This dress has been my favorite summer dress! 
I found it very accidentally. 
I was going through a few boxes of vintage clothing 
and I found this absolute showstopper of a dress!! I couldn't believe somebody got rid of it. 
A lot of these vintage clothes are very fine pieces!!! 
Most of the clothing has never even been worn. 
I see so many pounds of bails of gorgeous clothes that people just get rid of, 
and the question is why???? Like this black and white boho maxi dress!! 
It has a corset style back that laces up and is made of a rayon gauze…
 Gauze is the best fabric to wear on a windy beach day!! 
The gauze blows in the wind so beautifully and looks so romantic and feminine on the body.
 When seeing this dress on the hanger I thought, theres no way its gonna look good on me. 
After I put it on, my mind was blown as to how good it looked!!! 
The print is unbelievable. The dress has a tribal India vibe. 
Its so striking!!! 
The best part is, nobody I know has another dress like this one….
 I adore vintage because of the fact that theres only one of each piece….
 Theres nothing I hate more than to go shopping and see 2 or 3 people have on the same dress as me….
Not to mention textile mills, 
and the whole fashion industry has taken a radical change in the past 20 years…. 
There are prints and sewing techniques we'll never see again…
Quality in clothing has been traded in for Quantity in clothing….
That's why I work hard to save each piece of vintage clothing,
 this dress now has a new home in my closet… 

Dress: Shabbybabe

Jewelry: Personal Collection

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Golden Hour

Its been all about color for me in my wardrobe this summer! I think one of the problems most of us have is, we get into a pattern of wearing black and white over, and over, and over again.  We do it so often we forget about the rich palette of colors available to us out there. I like to wear a bright colors like orange and style it with neutral accessories to balance it out. Brown goes great with sunset colors like orange and yellow. I took this cute little tube dress from Shabbybabe and put a wide vintage leather belt around the waist. I also accessorized the dress with a vintage 70s weaved bag.  I loved the end result! I could still wear orange and not look too loud with color. Red and black work beautifully together, so does pink and white, the list goes on and on..
 Wide leather belts from the late 60s and early 70s add a real edge to a simple outfit as well. I wear this brown leather belt with everything! Its one of those accessories that matches any outfit! Nobody even knows its vintage. People stop me on the street and compliment me on how they wish they could find a belt just like it. The best part about vintage is that there is nothing like it! Each piece is unique and special. I think that's what fashion should be all about. A wardrobe unique to you of one of a kind pieces nobody else has. That's what self expression through dressing is all about.

Orange Dress: Shabbybabe

Leather Belt: Personal Collection

Bag: Personal Collection

Jewelry: Personal Collection