Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Resolution

A brand new year awaits us! 
There's always a new years resolution along with the new year. 
My resolution is to experience new adventures, and to keep on living the life of a bohemian. 
One of the highlights of 2015 was my amazing trip to California!! 
I'm hoping in 2016 I can return to Hawaii…
I visited there once in 2014, and it was gorgeous! 
I can't wait to go back… 
Although the gloominess and cold weather of January is about to strike, 
theres no reason why I can't keep dressing like its Island weather!
Every time I open my closet to look at This tie dye dress, it always brightens my day. 
This is a sheer pastel pin rayon mini dress from Shabbybabe.
 I love how it buttons down the front and it has cute capped butterfly sleeves. 
The length of the dress is just right too.
Sometimes mini dresses can be too short, or too long.
I'm 5'10" so its hard for me to find a mini dress that's not really short. 
I love to give soft girly dresses an edge with the accessories.
I threw on my favorite concho choker from Vidakush to go with the dress.
I love boots so I paired my tan leather Jeffrey Campbell boots to go with this look.
I'm looking forward to having a fresh start to a brand new year.
I wish you all a happy,healthy,and awesome new year to come!!!

Dress: Shabbybabe

Choker: Vidakush

(Hair and Makeup by me)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Long live the 70s!

The best part about vintage clothing are the colorful and creative prints! 
The 60s and 70s had so many amazing colorful textiles… 
I collect vintage clothing in part to collect the textiles that go along with them. 
This vintage 70s mini dress has the most beautiful blend of pastel pinks and peaches… 
The dress has a taupe floral print that swirls in all different directions…
Its a great dress for winter. The dress has long sleeves and is short enough for boots!!
 When I put this outfit on I tried on my floppy hat, and the hat matched so perfect! 
We photoed the dress at sunset and I'd say we captured the sunset hues of this mini dress.
Sunset colors are my favorite colors to wear! 
They remind me of the summer,romance,and warm days.
Everything that makes me happy! 
Taking something old and combining it with a few vintage accessories,
 gives your wardrobe a fresh new look.
Long live the 70s!

Dress: Shabbybabe

(Hair and makeup by me)

Friday, December 11, 2015

Uptown Funk

Happy Holidays everyone!!! 
The winter holidays can be joyous and very stressful at the same time…
Whatever the situation is I always try to stay positive!!!
 I know there are times when its truly hard to cheer up,
 especially during the gloomy months of winter..
A bright wardrobe can always makes the difference! 
This season I'm wearing red! 
Theres nothing quite like a red winter coat!!!
 Red is an incredibly sharp looking color to wear! 
This ensemble features red and black!! 
I love how red and black look together.
Its bold and very classic. 
When I leave my house in the winter,
 I gotta have that bold beautiful double breasted coat!
This is a vintage 60s mod coat from Shabbybabe
I love to wear anything mod.
Its one of my favorite time periods in Fashion History.
The mod era had so much creativity and colorful clothes in the fashion scene.
I'd love to jump in a time machine and go back to 1965 when it was all happening.
All I can do is collect these beautiful vintage masterpieces and share them with you.
This look book is so bold and beautiful I hope it brightens your day!

Coat: Shabbybabe

Boots: Diba

Choker: Child of Wild


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Beach Waves

There are certain places where we go to think about life..
 For me its the beach.. 
Listening to the sounds of the crashing waves and smelling the salt air puts my mind at ease… 
I love to hang by the beach and read books, and sometimes jot a few thoughts down in my diary…
I don't think I could ever live without the beach!'
I found this amazing spot in Monterey,California..
Its an incredible rock beach with very scenic views. 
Its the true symbol of summer,gorgeous weather, and romance. 
Luckily I have a few cute outfits to throw on for these beach Excursions…
This Jumpsuit was quite a find! Its slouchy on top but flares out to gorgeous palazzo pants!! 
Its the ultimate beach jumpsuit.
 I put it on over my bikini…
 Its all elastic so you simply just slip it on and slip it off. 
Its the perfect color too!
The jumpsuit is this sandy brown and black butterfly wing print.
Palazzo pants are great for long walks barefoot on the beach.
When the wind hits the pants are soft and loose.
The winter is such a bummer.
I hope it goes fast so I can be back on this beach enjoying sunsets and life.

Jumpsuit: Shabbybabe

Sandals: Chacos

Belt: Shabbybabe

Choker: Child of Wild

Friday, November 20, 2015

California Dreaming

Carmel, California is one of the true gems of the West Coast!! 
It was my favorite part of California!
 I was surrounded by mountains,gorgeous coast lines, and endless wildlife!!
 It was like living in a dream…While I was visiting Carmel, I found Point Lobos State Natural Reserve…
 It was one of the most beautiful parks I've ever been in!! 
There were tremendous rock formations,and how could I not take a few pics by them?? 
I spent my day touring around Carmel,California
 in this cute brown graphic mini dress,and my floppy hat…
 It was the ideal dress to wear that day.. 
I usually never wear brown or neutral colors,
but I think they work well in this mini dress.
The dress has an elastic waistline,
 so I threw on one of my vintage belts to go balance the dress out. 
It matched the wild life and mood of Carmel. 
 I threw on my comfy pair of Chacos sandals to hike around Point Lobos in…
 Its always great to have a pair of hiking sandals when traveling. 
I saw so many sea lions that day!! It was magnificent…
Being in Carmel,gave me a whole new appreciation for the nature…
I'll never forget it….

Dress: Shabbybabe

Belt: Shabbybabe

Sandals: Chacos