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Friday, October 14, 2016

Patchwork Leather Groove

I love the vintage coats of the 60s and 70s!
The tailoring was impeccable,design lines were figure flattering,
and the creativity was limitless. 
Lately I've been into wearing trenches from the 70s.
 In a lot of the vintage coats you see patchwork leather designs,
faux fur collars,and bright neon colors.
 I was extremely lucky to find this treasure while thrifting. 
Its the most elaborately detailed leather coat I've ever seen! 
The coat has jewel toned pieces of patchwork throughout the garment. 
Reds,greens,taupe's,and black,make it so sharp! 
I don't know about you but,
 double breasted coat closures are my favorite way to button up in the winter.
Theres something about the front double breasted coat that looks sleek and military.
I think on a woman its flattering as well because it truly shows off our hour glass figures. 
This coat would be adorable with a mini dress and boots for evening!
Its a day to night piece.
I wish we could see beautiful design lines like this again.
I am forever inspired by the past.

Patchwork Leather Trench: Shabbybabe

Boots: Frye

Jeans: Guess

Choker: Vidakush

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Witchy Woman

With summer coming to a close I'm very excited to get back into the energy of fall!
Carving pumpkins,darker colors, 
and that gorgeous foliage about to show up on the trees is so much fun!
I saw this dress over the summer and fell in love! 
Its a black orange and red floral maxi dress.
This dress is perfect for fall. I love the plunging neckline and flared hem it has. 
Its more of a casual evening dress but still gorgeous,
and has a bit of a Gothic feel.
I wore long leather boots and darker makeup to finish the look.
No outfit is complete without accessories.
Layering necklaces and rings is part of my personal style,so naturally I had to do it for this look. 
I Can't wait for more fall fashion in the next couple of weeks.

Floral Maxi Dress: Shabbybabe

Concho Choker: Vidakush

Rings and bracelets: (Personal Collection)

(Hair and makeup by me)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Grunge Goddess

September to November are the transitional months for fashion! 
I've been going all out grunge the past couple of weeks. 
I discovered this fun rock and roll denim maxi skirt.
 Its so hard to find one of these now! 
I remember seeing them all over the place back in the 90s. 
Denim skirts are so much fun to wear! 
I love that you can put a vintage tee with them and still look great! 
I decided to put my cropped union jack tee with this skirt. 
This Union jack tee is from my own personal vintage collection. 
Its one of my favorites! 
I decided to go darker on my makeup for this look.
I'm wearing "Violetta" by Mac for my lipstick. 
I love how the look came out.
I'll definitely be experimenting more with my beauty products as well as with style!!

Union Jack tank: Vintage

Denim Maxi skirt: Shabbybabe

Concho choker: Vidakush

Cross Necklace: Vintage 

Leather Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

(Hair and makeup by me)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Plaid Flannel Fun

I love to get dressed up in gorgeous dresses,
and love to wear bright abstract prints!
Although I do have those days when I like to kick back and be casual too. 
Lately I love the look of a plaid flannel shirt!
 You can wear it with shorts, jeans, leggings, and even sweat pants. 
 Theres something so classic looking about a plaid flannel shirt too.
 All of the flannels I own are men's flannels.
They are just better made in my opinion.
The men's flannel shirts have better tailoring,better plaid prints,and look better!
Even during the summer time when it gets cold at night, 
my flannels always come in handy!
 I like to wear them as beach cover ups over my bikini in the summer months as well. 
The plaid flannel is a wardrobe must have for me.
I wear them all year round,which I can't say for any of my other wardrobe pieces. 
While shooting at this beach during sunset it got so cold. 
This blue and white flannel made shooting so much more cozy. 
I made the look a little bit more playful with my New York Yankees baseball cap and my Jeffrey Campbell leather boots. 

Plaid Flannel: Shabbybabe

Faux Leather Shorts: H&M

Choker: Vidakush

Friday, April 8, 2016

Sand & Sun

Sandy brown leather and eyelet lace tops are my idea of a gorgeous spring boho wardrobe!
 I love bursts of color but there is something about the neutral earthy colors that are timeless.
On a bright 70 degree day I went for a walk on the beach.
 I wore my bikini just in case I wanted to go for a swim,and my new eyelet lace cropped shirt from shabbybabe
This lace crop top is not vintage. 
Its from shabby's new line of clothes which puts a modern spin on vintage silhouettes. 
The brown suede leather pants are vintage. 
My shades are from Century 21.
I was lucky enough to get this crochet fringe bag as a gift!
My parents went to Hawaii in December for 2 weeks
 and brought me back this cross body bag from Billabong!
 I love it! It goes with so many outfits!
I'm excited to experiment with more
 simple neutral toned styles for spring and summer.
I love taking a few simple pieces and creating a full blown work of art with them!

Eyelet crop top: Shabbybabe

Leather Pants: Shabbybabe

Crochet fringe bag: Billabong

Choker: Vidakush

Sunglasses: Century 21

(Hair and makeup by me)