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Friday, January 27, 2017

Golden Glitter

Lets take a break from winter for and and talk about sun and lots of color! 
To escape the winter blues a trip to the Islands is always a remedy that works!
Lately I've been loving this incredible crispy cotton maxi skirt.
I love that it has tie dye in it but its not over kill.
This is another great example of mixing vintage with newer pieces. 
I've also been loving Beach bunny swimwear! 
Each bikini is well made and an original design. 
This is the only bikini from beach bunny I have since they are quite pricy.
I love how this fun beach look came out.
The photos are so golden and filled with sun that I had to name this post golden glitter!
I hope these photos jump through your screen and brighten up your winter day.

Bikini: Beach bunny 

Skirt: Shabbybabe

( Hair and makeup by me)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Summer is finally here! 
I was so excited to visit the beach for the first time this season. 
This year I wanted a bright fun wardrobe for the beach.
I forgot how much I love to wear bright colors on the beach!
For this shoot I wanted to wear,
 Bright floral prints,aqua bikinis, and neon beach cover ups.
I'm so happy I went for color because the sunset that day was spectacular!
I've gotten into Maxi skirts recently as well!
One thing I never see at the beach are gorgeous maxi skirts being worn with a bikini top.
Its a very simple and fun look for the summer!
I had this vintage 60s boho maxi skirt lying around and decided to wear it with this cute aqua bikini from Victorias Secret.
The combination looks fabulous together!
Maxi skits are great for when you get out of the water too.
Their great to throw on to warm up after a swim.
I can't wait to do even more beach fashion shoots this summer.
Its always so much fun!

Maxi skirt: Shabbybabe

Necklace: (Vintage)

Sandals: Chacos

Bracelets & Rings: (vintage)

(Hair and makeup by me)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sea Siren

Who's leaving for a weekend get away this winter??!
 I wish I was! February is such a huge month for tropical Island getaways,
 I thought I'd do a post about it. 
I love to wear big full maxi wrap skirts to the beach.
 Their easy to take on and take off, 
plus packing them in your beach bags is a cinch! 
When I go to the beach I don't always go for a swim,which is kind of odd...
I like to get a tan,and walk along the shore, and that's where the beach separates come into play. 
This cotton batiste skirt was truly a fab vintage find of mine!
 The navy and batik print is out of this world!
 Its so perfect for a day at the beach.
 I received so many compliments on this beauty of a skirt. 
With a fabulous skirt like this its always important to find a stylish bikini top to put with it. 
So I put on this cute gold metallic and silver Victoria's Secret.
All season long I've been wearing my heart shaped sunglasses from Wild fox and I love them! Although they were expensive a good pair of shades is always worth the money. I know I'll get a lot of wear out of these sunglasses. Hopefully your enjoying the sunny weather for your tropical Island winter get away this month.

Batik Maxi skirt: Shabbybabe

Purple embroidered skirt: Shabbybabe

Sequin Bikini top: Victorias Secret

Heart Sunglasses: Wild Fox

Leather Choker: Vidakush

(Hair and makeup by me)