Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Glamorous winter

I've been putting my cold weather wardrobe together for weeks! 
I live on the East coast so the winters here are long and grueling. 
This year I wanted to go for more of a glam look.
Its hard to stay glamorous in freezing cold weather isn't it? 
To save money I like to take my boots to the shoe maker for new soles and heels, and I thrift! 
Its amazing what you can find thrifting. 
That's how I found this coat.
Its a brown suede leather wrap coat. 
The coat is fully lined and has a fur trimmed collar.
When I saw it I had to have it!! 
Its very modern and wearable for a vintage piece.
I love that its a fall color scheme to wear with my brown leather boots.
I can't wait to wear a big oversize scarf and hat with this look!
Instead of getting bummed out this winter get glam!
Being a little glamorous is always up lifting.

Coat: Shabbybabe

Jeans: Guess

Boots: Frye

(Hair and makeup by me)

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